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Updated February 15, 2005


Lead on Cold Press 10" X 15"

The Elders

Just completed February 15.  Another character(s) now in the continuing saga in my brain for my new anime'.  They are a collective called Stone.  On the same concept of Mount Rushmore...these stone wisemen will speak to only the mages.  I got the idea from a friend of mine who is an awesome artist in his own right.  Thanks Adidas!  I told you I'd have this done today.  *wink* 

STILL IN THE WORKS.................................................. we lack the commitment to keep this site updated on a regular basis.  I've gone to therapy and think I can handle the stress of putting a website together now.  In the meantime....below is just a sample of the things I have in the works.  Remember....they're NOT done yet.  Just some of the projects you'll see in it's completion one day...soon.

Bed of roses up close     Bed of Roses up close

Bed Of Roses

I'm actually creating this on a floor tile.  It was supposed to be for Mother's Day.  It's now January.  I think I'm a bit late on it.  This piece is still in progress.  Keep an eye out for when it's finished!  Probably Easter. heh heh

Pile It On

Pile It On

I'm excited about this piece.  It's going to be a waffle cone with 5 scoops of ice cream.  That is....when I'm done with it. I wanted the colors of the scoops to be vibrant.  Not your "run of the mill" chocolate and vanilla.  This is my ice cream. *wink*

Eyes of David

Eyes of David

In the works is some porcelain I'm testing out.  This is one big piece of porcelain.  I actually broke the first mold.  Not believing in omens, I went with a second one.  This one...I'll be more careful with.  It's not quite finished yet.  But it's close.

New for 2005!

B2K H2O        B2K H2O closeup

Unsure of the name of this piece yet

Ok....this one is going to be a doozie.  I have received a large "Italian Marble" table top from a good good friend (thanks Betsy!).  It's dimensions are 6' x 3'.  I've decided to do a "merman" theme on this table top.  There will be 2 of them, although I'm not sure why I picked two.  This is in the very early stages of work.  Watch this space as I continue to keep you updated on it's progress. 

Zebras - Bohica2k

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